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Clash of Good and Evil Epic Questline *COMPLETE UP TO NEXT ZONE*

*I did NOT compose this list. If there are any discrepancies I'm sorry, I just copied and pasted and reformatted the list for the group. Hope this helps everyone stay on track :D. Big thanks to Arayalna from the RoM forums for taking the time to list each and every quest. ~ Ili.*

Chrysalia – Clash of Good and Evil

 Royal Summons 
 (starts from Rorazan npc Yujin Angerfang).
Military Emergency 
(Walk a little off hill and an invasion starts. Kill all mobs).
Further Deliberations.
 Crictical Mission.
Meeting with Morrok 
(Go to Morrok in Camouflage).
Break the Device.
Remodeled Warrior Cull.
Missing Loub.
Opposite Ends of the Scale. 
Edge of Chaos.
Incredibly Obedient. 
Leave the Sanctuary.
Well-intentioned Deception.
Peace of Mind.
Young True Dragon Envoy 
(wait and a dragon appears).
Go to the Sanctuary.
(The little fairy guards (red mob) don't attack unless you attack 1 of them (and then all come to you with a kind of stackable form of poison you can't purify. If you pull them you WILL die...there's no immuning through it or anything else. Think worms in HotO !!!)
 First Meeting.
Voice of the Dragon. 
(talk to Morrok Wallinder).
(when you need to “go behind him” and Jill flies away, follow Jill. Completes around coordinates 26.7/19.4).
Kargath’s Concern.
The Lure of the Dark Side.
Where’d He Go? 
Garon Myrmex Report.
Garon’s Mutation
( elementals appear from ants that die around questgiver. Try another channel if you don’t see anything).
New Discovery.
Myrmex and Elementals.
War of the Death Passage.
Battlelines on the Brink. 
(a battle is going on at the battlefield. Kill the mobs and also next to the 2 npc's named in the quest so the assist one completes too)
Support the Omega Platform 
(Cornelia Asaak ports you).
Charging the Energy Crystal. 
(Click defensive crystal).
I Smell a Rat.
Urgent Matters. 
(Use the defensive Rune Set in backpack on the 2 npc’s).
Deep into Enemy Territory.
Prove Your Mettle.
Clue Fragments.
A House Division.
(flowers just outside cave, the Giant Reaction Bottle is at questgiver).
Kulech Annihlation 
(kill mobs, then go to Kulech Bones Nest. Stand on a sparkling spot and move mouse cursor around (in mid air). You see some tooth wheel you can click).
Battle Preparations. 
(npc Asax Nayla can walk around, but I found him after few channel changes at 47.7/46.4. He runs towards Garon Nest).
Rage Assault Camp. 
(npc ports from 1 camp to the other side. He can be found at 59.3/42.4. If not there wait a little till the npc’s circle ports back).
Freaky Seed. (Go to 66.7/31.0. Hand in at Sigourney at 59.3/42.4)
Turning the Tide.
Air Superiority. (Use the seed at the entrance, kill all Kulech and a dragon (Angry Earth Guardian) appears.
Going All In.
(turn in this quest with Woston when the Rage Assault Camp is closest to the Danfar Plant.)
Time Is Up.
(get this quest from Sigourney when the Rage Assault Camp is furthest fromt he Danfar Plant. This quest sends you to Merdhin Tundra.)

----------------------------------------------MERDHIN TUNDRA-----------------------------------------------------------

Unable To Fly.
Holy Tree Sapling.
Separate Investigations.
Missing Investigator.
(30.0,69.5 Alahna Dikat)
Demon's Request.
Is It Guidance Or A Trap?
Consciousness Restored.
(Report to Iswan, then to Nynke)
Gushing Ice Flower.
Purify The Holy Tree Sapling.
Help From The Dragons.
Echo's Response.
Matter Report.
(Panilor has 2 other quests, these are not part of the main quest line.)
Indiscernible Meaning.
Aide's Night Speak.
(Talk to Ailess, then Sabinda (31.5,56.2), then return to Ailess.)
Ceremony Preparations.
Finding Hope Deep in Consciousness.
(Talk to Nynke, fight off the waves of mobs until quest completes.)
Accidental Arrival.
Ceremonial Fire.
(1st - 37.3,55.9 2nd - 31.7,60.2 3rd - 28.5,51.2 4th - 25.3,59.4)
Disoriented Holy Tree.
Former Brother In Arms.
(Just keep spam talking to Jill until quest completes. It WILL complete it just may take a bit.)
The Usefulness Of Herbal Knowledge.
Air Strike.
Cleaning Up The Mess.
Little Effort.
Convoy in Trouble.
(Talk to Jenny Fokas to get this quest.)
Do Well And Have Well.
(You MUST complete this quest to complete the quest Convoy in Trouble.)
Emergency Defense.
(Talk to Ashley Sudd to get this quest. Talk to her again to spawn the mobs needed to complete it.)
Diffuse Memory.
(Talk to Kargath Duran to get this quest. Talk to Tigen Silla to complete it.)
The Missing Commander.
Truth or Lies.
(Do the quest from Olotia in Midnight Whispers Camp that gives you Holy Tree Fruit for part of this quest. For the Gray King's Talisman, you can either get it from a chest or from killing the Gray King. I would suggest getting it fromt he chest as all you have to contend with are mobs. You can put the chest on follow from your quest log.)
Storage Cube.
Know Thyself.
(You need to do the quest from Olotia in Midnight Whispers camp for the Holy Tree Fruit again. Then go back to where you accepted the quest and talk to the Ailic's Aide.)
Turning Point.
Wise Counsel.
(I am not all that sure as to how to complete this quest properly. I just randomly clicked a colored device and then the recorder device, in no particular order until it completed.)
All Prepared.
Secret of a Deceit.
(Sismond doesn't tell you jack about what you should do for this quest. I found out by trial and error that you click the skeleton mage in front of Sismond to get the scene to start.)
Drafting Countermeasures.
(>.< My laptop had never been in so much danger of being hurled by the time I reached this quest. This quest requires you to go to Redhill, NJF and SJF. Click each "Lord" then right click the letter in your pack. Ronick is the Kalon Lord, Hettie Giant is the Lady of Shador in SJF, and I'll be damned if I can remember the name of the "lord" in NJF right now but it's the one that was going to take you into RT. She's located in the last tent on the left in Angren before you head up to RT.)
Firefly's Victory.
Deceptive Maneuvers.
Caught In One Sweep.
Friends and Foes.
Unfinished Business.
(This quest takes you to Syrbal Pass.)

-----------------------------------------------------Syrbal Pass----------------------------------------------------------------

Shadow of a Dragon.
(The quest tells you to talk to Aron Red. The NPC's name is actually Aron Dray.)
Haunted By Nightmares.
Reality of a Dream.
(Go to Aron Dray to get the item, then come back and use it on Morrok.)
Omen of the Dark.
A Bright Farewell.
A Mysterious Woman.
A Fortune Teller.
Voluntary Disclosure.
The Perished City's Answer.
Unsettling Prophecy.
Odd Things Happening.
Extreme Conditions, Extreme Responses.
A Glimpse of Hope.
Morrok and jill.
Finding the Mysterious Woman.
The Gubod's Straw.
Earth and Bones.
(Yes, the lava DOES inflict damage on you so be careful.)
The Frost Dragon's Son.
A Dragon's Prophecy.
A Change of Mind.
Asking Forgiveness.
Finding A Way Out.
Looking Lost.
Hard Shell, Soft Core.
(Panilor's Helmet - 40.8,73.6 - It is on top of the tent. You have to run around to the cliff behind Panilor, where you talked to Jill, to get on top of the tent. I used my mount and it was easier for me. Go up above the box and inch your way down to it. Get close enough to get a gear that doesn't have the red line thru it without sliding or jumping. Good Luck!! This quest took me 30 minutes to finish.
Panilor's Breastplate - 41.4,69.2 - Also on top of the tent so same thing goes. I stood behind the box, close to the edge of the tent and managed to get it without sliding or jumping.
Panilor's Leg Armor - 40.6,75.6 - It is in the tree above the tent. Go back to where the tree comes up out of the ground at 37.0,76.1 to get to this box. Once again ... Good Luck!!)
Turning The Tide.
The Price To Pay.
Death of a Hero.
Slander's Blessing.
A Voyager's Return.
Maderoth's Invitation.
The Light Dragon's Mission.
King of the Fire.
Dragons and Killers.
Two Voices.
Death of the Dragons.


  1. For "Drafting Countermeasures" Jeno Mocliff is in Dalanis (56.7,26.3)
    You have to go there and click the letter on him otherwise you cannot finish this quest.

  2. For the quest "Leave the Sanctuary" the Yellow Leaf Worm has the treasured alcohol.